Why did I fail to add my Smart light strip to the SANTALA app?

  1. Make sure your accessory is powered on and nearby.
  2. If you use a dual 2.4/5G network router, please turn off the 5G network. Connect your phone with 2.4G network and add the device again.
  3. Make sure that the router setting meets the relevant requirements. The device only support the mode of WPA/WPA2-PSK.
  4. Make sure the Smart light strip is in pairing mode. If not, please reset light strip to restore factory setting.
  5. Select the accessory shown on screen, then scan the QR code which can be found on device, instruction manual or inner packaging.
  6. If the app prompts "No Discovered Accessories" before you scanning the QR code:
  1. Close the app.
  2. Turn off mobile phone's Wi-Fi.
  3. Reboot the mobile phone.
  4. Turn on mobile phone and turn on mobile phone's Wi-Fi.
  5. Restore Smart light strip to factory settings
  6. Add the device again

The device works normally after restoring factory settings or switching on/off, but it occasionally gets disconnected from the network and can not be recognized.

  1. Make sure the number of Wi-Fi connected devices is within the wireless network capacity of your router. Otherwise, please replace with another router.
  2. Reconnect you iOS device to Wi-Fi and make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough.
  3. Wait until the network is fixed. If your router performs poorly in wireless networks that might result from network congestion.
  4. Check the router setting and see if there is any limit to the number of simultaneous client connections.
  5. Restart your HomeKit accessory or restore your HomeKit accessory to factory setting, and add your HomeKit accessory to the SANTALA app.
  6. Updated firmware to the latest version.